Reader Submission: The Shuffler

I have been a personal support worker for 14 years and have witnessed several strange occurrences, including a few that really stick out. This happened during a graveyard shift a few years after I started.

The night started like any other. There were no call bells in that facility as we visually checked everyone every hour. During our first round, as I walked to the end of the hall, I saw a white flash out of the corner of my eye in the doorway of room 312. I quickly turned to look, but nothing was there. I continued on with my task thinking my mind was playing tricks on me.

It happened again during the next round, but this time the flash of white was in the doorway of room 313. I ignored the flash, thinking I was still seeing things. On our third round, we checked on the women in room 312, and one of the ladies had a very frightened look on her face. Her eyes were fixed on the corner of the ceiling above her bed, and she looked terrified. This patient had advanced dementia and was non-verbal. She was a very pleasant lady who often shuffled around the halls, confused about who or where she was.

The charge nurse sat with the woman, giving her as much comfort as possible. The patient passed away suddenly a few minutes later. We completed her final care and continued with our night. A few hours later, as I folded laundry across from the nurse station, I started to hear shuffling sound coming down the hall. Confused, I asked the nurse if she was shuffling her feet under the desk. She said, “No, but I hear it too.” The shuffling continued slowly down the hall toward the dining room. To this day, I wonder if it was the frightened patient, taking one last walk down the hall.

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Reader Submission: Operation Horror

Creepy Hospital

“I’ve had my fair share of surgeries, 13 to be exact, due to my cancer, osteocarcoma. Surgery for me is usually an easy thing with little to no complications. I never had a problem, though there is one horrific scene I wish I could forget.

Back in the days when my life span was questionable, surprise operations were not uncommon. One dreadful day, they were operating on a port malfunction that occurred unexpectedly late one October night. Surgery at three a.m. is not ideal, but on the rare occasion, it must be performed by dutiful surgeons. Before inhaling the anesthesia that would  leave me unconscious, a black mass started to fill the room.

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Ghost Photo: Paging Dr. Ghost

ghost doctor ghost photo

Does the photo above show a ghostly doctor at England’s St. Thomas Hospital?

“A terrified ghost hunter probing a ‘haunted’ derelict hospital was horrified to see the spectral figure of a doctor lurking in one of her pics,” the UK’s Mirror dramatically reports. “Other figures from beyond the grave have been seen at the site, including that of a woman dressed as a nurse or a nun.”

Located in Stockport, England, St. Thomas Hospital is a former Victorian workhouse once known for its barbaric overcrowding. It also served as a psychiatric facility.

Skeptics point out that the photo is blurred and that the ‘ghost’ could be another investigator, some sort of cloth, or just about anything. Others aren’t so sure. What do you make of the image?


Reader Submission: Haunted Hospital Room

hospital hall

“I used to work at this hospital on a PEDs/med-surg floor. None of the staff liked to go into Room 228. You would hear like a bedside table moving, hear disembodied voices, and the call light would go off by itself. We tried not to put patients in that room because of the activity.

Not only did us nurses experience activity, but the patients reported activity as well. Some saw a person standing in the corner, while others heard singing. There were also reports of the bed shaking and the bedside table moving. However, the creepiest thing that ever happened was when a child was assigned to Room 228.

One time, mom stepped off the floor, and I heard the child having a conversation with someone. I went back to the room, and I got chilled. The room felt like it was covered in a thick patch of fog. I asked the child who he was talking to, and he said a lady was talking to him. I left the room feeling a little uneasy and went back to the nurses’ station. The mom came back up and went to the room. She then came out said, ‘Thanks for having that lady stay with him while I was gone.’ I just smiled. I wasn’t going to tell her that her child was being watched by a ghost.”

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