Reader Submissions: 3 True Haunted House Stories

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In the mood for a haunting read? Here are three chilling tales submitted by Ghosts and Ghouls readers. We’ve got Ouija-induced terror, disembodied screams, and a haunted chalkboard. Pleasant dreams!

Chalk It Up to a Ghost

“When I was about 10 years old, I was convinced that there was the ghost of a little girl in my room. I would talk to her every night, and even though she wouldn’t respond, I always knew she was there.

One night I decided I wanted her to respond to me, so I looked all over my room for a piece of paper, but I couldn’t find one. Instead I pulled out an old, tiny, dusty chalkboard from my closet and set it on my bed next to a piece of chalk. I wasn’t quite sure what to ask, so I just said, “Um, so how many years have you been dead? Write your answer on the chalkboard if you are really here.’ Not thinking it would work, I fell asleep.

The next morning I got up, and looked at the chalkboard. There was no writing on it, so I picked it up to put it back in my closet. When I was walking there, the chalkboard hit the light. You could clearly see, written in the dust, the number 111. I don’t try to communicate with her anymore.”

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Q & A with Randy Russell, Author of “The Ghost Will See You Now: Haunted Hospitals of the South”

The_Ghost_Will_See_You_NowIn October, author Randy Russell released his fifth paranormal-themed book, The Ghost Will See You Now: Haunted Hospitals of the South. In this chilling volume, Russell shares over 40 true ghost stories based in the South’s most haunted hospitals and asylums, including the ghostly flapper of Asheville’s Highland Hospital and the casket girls of New Orleans’ Ursuline Convent Hospital. You can find The Ghost Will See You Now at BlairPub.com, Amazon.com or other online retailers.

I recently had the chance to ask Randy a few questions about his latest book and his paranormal philosophy in general. Here’s what he had to say…

How did you research the stories for the book?

Researching historical happenstance associated with the creation of a ghost and the continuation of ghostly hauntings at old hospitals, abandoned asylums, and other medical facilities across the South began for me in seeking a very basic understanding of a true ghost experience to begin with. Any understanding of a ghost starts with understanding what an individual experiences during an encounter with a ghost.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Haunted Hospital

Reportedly taken in 1918, this photo from AngelsGhosts.com shows two men working in front of a hospital. Is that a ghost on the third-floor balcony?


ghost photo

Think this photo is crap? Send your ghost pics to ghostsghoul@gmail.com!


Waverly Hills Sanatorium: The Most Haunted Place in America?

haunted hospital waverly hills

Perched on a hill in Louisville, KY, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known for its history of illness, death, and of course, ghosts. The old hospital has appeared on nearly every ghost-hunting show in the nation, and many insist Waverly is “the most haunted place in the United States.” Here’s why.

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