Ghost Photo: Lady at the Window

ghost lady window

Ghost or mortal woman in the distance? This Auckland, New Zealand pic comes from the Haunted Man blog and reportedly shows a Victorian-era ghost gazing out the window. Do you think the photo is paranormal?

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Ghost Photo: Little Typhoid Victim?

ghost photoDoes this photo show the ghost of a little girl who died of typhoid fever?

According to local article,¬†the¬†picture was taken in a historical home in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Charles Bartlett, a dentist, lived in the home with his wife and children, but one of the children, a daughter named Bessie, died of a typhoid fever in 1879. She was just 11 years old. An infant son also died in the home a few years later. This pic was taken in the home’s basement, where Bessie reportedly died.

What do you think of the image? Does Bessie’s ghost appear near the wall or is it just an illusion?

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