Reader Submission: The Haunted Farmhouse


haunted house

I grew up on a small farm in western New York. It was an old farmhouse, built in the 1850s. Weird stuff happened frequently. You’d set an object down, and it would disappear, only to reappear later in the same place. Being a farm, we had a lot of animals, particularly cats and dogs. The cats would often watch something we couldn’t see moving around the room, and sometimes they would hiss at nothing. My little sister and I had a lot of frightening experiences over the years.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Home


“In 1988, my mother purchased a house in a small town called Greenway (not the real name). It’s a cool old house that was built in 1892 and has 12-foot ceilings and solid oak doors and trim work. It had been a rental house for several years, so we had to do a lot of work before my mom, sister, and her little girl could move in.

There were fireplaces in every room of the house, but none of them were safe to use. We bricked them all up but kept the mantels. The mantel in what once was the formal dining room had a built-in china cabinet, and the wood was this beautiful old oak. Of course, someone had painted over the woodwork for many years, so my sister and I had started to refinish and refurbish it.

One day we were there working on the mantel while my niece was playing. It was a quiet day with no workers. It was just us three. All the sudden, we heard a baby crying, and I mean crying loudly like was hurt. Just crying and crying. My niece came in and said ‘Aunt Sonya, where’s that baby? I can’t find it nowhere!’. She was maybe five at the time. So there we all went, running all over the place, looking for a baby that was crying its eyes out. We never did find it. I don’t remember how long we heard the crying, but at some point it stopped. Years passed and we heard the crying a few more times, but we never found a baby.

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Reader Submission: The Haunting

haunted house

“I have decided to share my story because I feel that my family and I have experienced a great ordeal. We moved into a house when I was in the second grade. We could have not been happier. We had an entire year where things seemed to be normal.

A problem we had is that you had to go through our garage in order to get to the basement. So my dad decided to build stairs inside so it would be more convenient to get downstairs and so we could get more use out our fireplace which was in the basement. This is when things started to happen.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Nursery

haunted nursery

“My junior year of high school, my family moved to a new house in Ohio. I loved the house because it was huge. It was built in 1892 and everything in the house still looked original (i.e the floors, the wooden stair case, the wooden detailed trim on the walls.) It was beautiful, a dream home for any large family.

I’m not easily scared. I watched every scary movie you can think of from the time I was able to choose what I watched. I’ve even been ghost hunting with my boyfriend and his friends. I’ve never considered myself a ‘chicken’ and I’d never say I was easily scared, but I can promise you this, I’ll never step another foot in that house again.

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