Ghost Video: Ghost Cat Caught on Film?

New York’s Shanley Hotel is a former bordello with a haunted reputation. According to the inn’s website, eerie events include chairs that rock on their own, chimes from unseen clocks, disembodied whistling, footsteps in empty corridors, and unexplained odors, among other things. However, owner Sal Nicosia claims not all of the hotel’s ghosts are human. And he says he has a video to prove it.

On January 15, 2013, paranormal investigator Stephen Barcelo recorded video of a cat in one of Shanley’s hallways (above at 1:00). However, there were no cats staying at the hotel at the time the video was filmed. Could it be Nicosia’s former cat, an animal that always behaved oddly at the reportedly haunted inn?

“When we moved into the hotel, the cat refused to go out,” Nicosia said. “I couldn’t get the cat to come into my apartment. I would bring her into the room and she’d run right out the door so I started feeding her in the hallway,”

Nicosia also said that he recorded an EVP of a ghost named Claire claiming the cat belongs to her. Do you believe his story? What do you think of the ghost cat footage?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Woman with No Reflection

ghost picture red garter inn

While this old photo may seem normal at first, the owner of the Red Garter B&B in Williams, AZ believes the woman in black is a ghost. Why? She casts no reflection in the mirror behind her.

The building housing the Red Garter was once a rowdy saloon and bordello and is now reportedly haunted by a ghost named Eve. Is that her in the background?

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Our Stay at Savannah’s Haunted Eliza Thompson House

eliza thompson house savannah

On Monday, April 22nd, my husband and I spent the night at Savannah’s haunted Eliza Thompson House. According to local legend, a Civil War soldier and giggling children haunt the historic home and occasionally appear to startled guests. I booked the Lee Room, a space once used as the children’s nursery, in hopes of spotting a ghost. Did I succeed?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Lad at Lake Lure Inn

lake lure inn ghost photo

A manager at North Carolina’s Lake Lure Inn snapped this photo while preparing for an event. Though he didn’t notice anything strange that day, the photo reveals a blurred figure on the left. Is it a ghost? The manager checked the inn’s surveillance footage, but found no sign of the boy. Here’s a news story covering the ghostly image. What do you think?

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