Reader Submission: The Haunted Mansion

haunted house

“In my town there used to be a huge mansion which was run down after they couldn’t sell it to anyone due to the price. It belonged to a famous toymaker in the early 20th century who wound up losing everything and dying in the same mansion.

The house had four stories full of bedrooms and bathrooms with many hidden rooms and closets. The basement, however, was really strange. It had a small jail cell complete with chains, a sink, and shackles chained to the wall. The basement was very long and I can’t imagine it being any cleaner than it was before. It also had a few rooms which seemed to have no use other than being spaces, although one did have a heater of some type.

With curiosity, however, comes trouble and I found myself inside the house videotaping my findings. Me and a friend walked through an unlocked door and went upstairs. As we made our way through the rooms, I remember going into the first room upstairs and saying ‘It’s really cold in here’ because it was spring and 50 degrees outside but in that one room it felt like 35. My friend walked inside and I asked him to come back downstairs to the front door.

We then left and later that night I checked out the footage. To my surprise and horror, right after I commented on the temperature, a voice can be heard yelling ‘Get out of the house!!’ We didn’t hear anything inside the house but viewing the tape it was as if someone was yelling from downstairs. Then after going downstairs, a slow classical song could be heard as I panned across the stairway. Unfortunately, the house was torn down in the winter of 2012 and only a giant field remains.”

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