7 Haunted Places in West Virginia

A ghostly cow, a dancing child, shadowy beings in the night. Wild and wonderful West Virginia is home to several terrifying spirits. Here are seven places to find them.

West Virginia Penitentiary – Moundsville

The West Virginia Penitentiary is more than 140 years old and once housed 2,400 violent criminals. 85 executions took place on the property, along with suicides, murder, and rape. According to visitors, the prison’s paranormal hot spots include the chapel, the shower cages, death row, a recreational area known as the Sugar Shack, and the site of former hangings. Ghost hunters have also spotted faces in long-abandoned cells and shadowy figures in hallways.

Lowe Hotel – Point Pleasant

Legend has it a number of spirits call the historic Lowe Hotel home. The most famous is a beautiful young woman who dances on the mezzanine between the first and second floors. Other ghosts include a tricycle-riding child on the second floor, a maid and sea captain on the third, and ghostly string quartet in the fourth floor ballroom. Point Pleasant is also home to the infamous Mothman.

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4 Spirits Said to Lurk in Mines


As if cave-ins, explosions, and the risk of inhaling poisonous gas weren’t enough, some miners must also contend with tales of supernatural creatures living below the earth. Tales of ghostly miners exist around the world. Here are four of them.

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Shubin: The Ghost of Ukraine’s Mines

miner statue

Syfy’s Ghost Mine debuted this Wednesday, introducing the world to an 80-year-old mine with a tragic history and a haunting reputation. The show is set in a rural Oregon, but tales of ghostly miners certainly aren’t limited to the United States. Nearly every nation has a unique paranormal legend, and in Ukraine there’s talk of shubin, a spirit said to dwell deep within the mines of Donbas.

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