Ghost Photo: Shadow People

Missouri’s “Zombie Road” was once home to all sorts of strange activity, including odd lights, eerie noises, and menacing humanoid figures. The photo above comes from Paranormal Task Force and reportedly shows a group of shadow people on the hill.

“This picture was taken when the river was above its banks and the hill pictured was completely surrounded by water,” the paranormal investigation group reports. “No one else was present when this was taken.”

Located outside St. Louis, Zombie Road (once Lawler Ford Road), is now a two-mile recreation trail. However, haunting tales of disembodied voices, chants, and shadow people persist.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The River Soldier

ghost picture soldier

The story behind this ghost photo, taken at Missouri’s Flat River in 2011, is that two friends were four wheeling near a river when one of them got stuck. One of the men snapped a pic of the bogged down vehicle and was shocked to see the wispy figure standing in the background. Is it a ghostly soldier or the inverted soldier from this popular ghost app?

ghost capture

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