Reader Submission: The Ghost Boy

demon child

“I wanted to share a story with you, hopefully with feedback, because a lot of weird things have been happening lately and we don’t know what’s going on. I have two stories and am wondering if they’re connected.

My first experience with a ghost happened when I was about four years old and living in Colorado in base housing. I used to have a friend named J.J. He was my age and wore footie pajamas every time I saw him. I thought he was the neighbor’s kid and we would always talk in the closet. I remember his face and remember him as a real person, but years later I found out there never was a J.J. My parents told me they thought I was talking to a ghost because J.J. never existed. I would just be talking in the closet by myself.

My parents also told me a lot of stories about hearing a kid running around in that house while we were sleeping and toys randomly going off. They even have a picture of me in that house with a huge white orb around my legs, one that’s transparent. But after we moved all of that stopped.

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