Reader Submission: Haunted

ghostly woman

“I’ve had weird experiences throughout my life, starting at age 11. One night I was on the computer up way later than I should have been when I heard a noise in the kitchen and figured it was my dad. About 10 minutes later, I looked in because I thought he had fallen asleep at the table (happened frequently due to sleep issues), but no one was there. I then went back to the computer and while staring at the screen, I saw someone walk from the kitchen and into the hallway. It scared me pretty good. I ran to my room which I shared with my little sister and eventually fell asleep.

For a long time after that, I would hear random things during the days and nights. There was a Beanie Baby crab that I kept behind my door on one of those corner shelves. Almost every day it would be in the middle of my room on the floor when I came back home from school. Nothing too scary happened for a long time until I was about 18.

Night Visitor

My family and I moved to Norfolk,VA, and I didn’t have a room at the time so I slept in the living room. My dad is normally always awake, especially at night, so I had laid down on the couch with my body facing the wall. I started feeling as if someone had entered the living room. I kept my eyes closed, again thinking it was dad. This feeling got more intense, like whoever it was was walking right up to me. I heard what sounded like pant legs rubbing together from walking. I felt them walk closer, around the couch, as if they were standing behind me leaning their head over mine. I was scared but refused to open my eyes. I then felt something lean down by my ear and whisper ‘Amy.’ I even got the tingling feeling you get when someone whispers in your ear. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran upstairs to my brother’s room. I was afraid to look behind me, but I did anyways and no one was there.

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