7 Haunted Places in Idaho

Icy caves, a haunted cash register, a prison with a violent past…Idaho is home to several haunted hot spots. Here are seven of the most chilling.

Shoshone Ice Caves – Shoshone


A haunted house is one thing. A haunted cave is quite another. Legend has it employees hear footsteps and hushed voices in the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves long after the attraction has closed and visitors have left. Some believe Indian Princess Edahow haunts the caves after being buried in the ice decades ago.

Old Idaho State Penitentiary – Boise


Often called the most haunted building in the state, “Old Pen” has a violent past complete with riots and a botched execution. Now the prison’s former inmates reportedly haunt the old jail. Strange events include touches from invisible entities, sudden feelings of dread or despair, and disembodied whispers in the hallways. The Ghost Adventures crew investigated Old Pen and heard mysterious bangs and voices. They also photographed what they believe to be a male apparition.

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