5 Haunted Skating Rinks in the U.S.

haunted skating rinks

Skating rinks and ghosts seem an unlikely combination, but at least five rinks in the U.S. have a haunted reputation. Perhaps the Hockey Pockey is what it’s all about?

Milford Skating Rink, Milford, DE
The Milford Skating Rink has employed dozens since opening its doors in 1982. However, it seems some are reluctant clock out for good. According to the rink’s current owners, skates at the rental counter tumble off their racks and then land right side up on the counter several feet away. The owners believe it is the spirit of a former employee tending to the equipment. Cold spots also plague the rink’s DJ booth, and music blares even when all of the gear is off. A popular DJ manned the booth before dying unexpectedly. Is he responsible for the strange activity?

Skatin’ Place, St. Cloud, MN
Alleged paranormal events at Skatin’ Place include lights that turn on in the middle of the night, arcade games that inexplicably switch on and off, heavy footsteps on the roof, and even face in the air vent. Legend has it a boy died in the marsh near Skatin’ Place before the rink’s construction. However, there’s no proof of his existence.

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Deadly Rival Roller Derby Team Plagued by Paranormal Activity


Between practice and bouts, the fierce members of Florida’s Deadly Rival Roller Derby put in a lot of hours at the community skating rink. The derby girls are familiar with every nook and cranny of the building, so they’re quick to notice when something’s amiss. In this case, a ghost.

It was the bathroom light that first got the girls’ attention. The light just can’t seem to stay off, despite the team’s best efforts to conserve electricity. Coach Carb-Orator turned off the light just before locking up one evening, but it somehow switched back on. The coach scolded a team member for failing to switch off the light after using the restroom, but the woman insisted she’d turned it off. On another occasion, the coach’s daughter heard voices coming from the bathroom even though no one was near the facilities.

However, the bathroom isn’t the rink’s only paranormal hot spot. A team-mate named Murder Ride heard unexplained sounds coming from the office, while Carb-Orator felt spooked in the rental room.

“I had an eerie feeling I was being watched,” she said of the room. “It freaked me out enough to speed walk to the door. Most times I don’t feel anything and I feel completely comfortable and at ease, but this was weird. I felt like someone was there watching me.”

Mysterious cold spots also plague the rink, and a creepy black shadow appeared in the photo posted above. One derby girl wondered if the strange presence is behind the team’s surprisingly high injury rate: three broken legs in just a few weeks.

None of the derby team girls knew why the skating rink might be haunted so I did a quick Google search and discovered that a young man named Jarred, a frequent patron of the rink, died after being hit by a car. Could he be responsible for the building’s strange events?

Here’s a close up of the Deadly Rival Roller Derby ghost. What do you think of the creepy image?

deadly rival roller derby ghost photo