Ghost Photo: Theater Spirit

Originally posted on Reddit, this photo taken at the Twin City Opera House in McConnellsville, OH appears to show a ghost in an empty chair. The 125-year-old theater is reportedly home to several spirits, including a former usher named Everett Miller. Is that him waiting patiently for the next show?

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Ghost Photo: The Haunted Theater

Does this infrared video still, taken at Maine’s historic Biddeford Theater, show a ghostly woman climbing the stairs?

In December 2016, EVP Paranormal of Maine investigated the century-old theater in hopes of finding a spirit. Legend has it the ghost of actress Eva Gray haunts the theater after collapsing and dying backstage in 1904. Is that Eva in the photo?

“I didn’t really believe it, to be honest,” said Caroline Mezoian, one of EVP Paranormal’s co-founders. “But once you see the photo, how can you deny that there’s not something?”

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Theater Spirit

ghost photo theatre

A reader writes: “I’ve attached a photo of what might be a ghost (in costume?) in the workshop area of an Oklahoma community theater. There are many reports that the theater is haunted: hearing footsteps, hearing one’s name called, seeing people in the corner of one’s eye — but, of course, no one is there. We also have many ‘orb’ photos, but this photo is probably the oddest piece of evidence we have.”

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Fink, Tampa Theatre’s Ghostly Projectionist


In 1965, projectionist Foster “Fink” Finley collapsed at the Tampa Theatre and later died of a heart attack. Fink dedicated 30 years of his life to running the projectors at the historic theater, and the devoted employee is said to haunt the building to this day. I toured the theater in 2009, but captured nothing strange. However, one reader had better luck…

“What you are looking at is the east entrance of the projection booth. You see a guy to the left looking at a guy kneeling with his hand on his chin, and you see a guy standing behind him. Well, including the camera man, there are only 3 people in the projection booth. The guy standing behind the kneeling guy was not there when the pic was taken…”

Here are more pics from the reader. Do they depict the long-dead Fink in his beloved projection room?

ghost head pictureZoomed in

Tampa_Theatre_FinkThe same photo as above, but in color

ghost picture ghost headColor photo zoomed in

ghost_picture_tampa_theatreAnother projection room ghost picture

Ghost_Picture_Tampa_Theatre_FinkSecond photo in color

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