Creepy Woods and Haunted Theme Parks

woods at night

Ghosts and Ghouls isn’t my only paranormal-themed project. In addition to writing posts and scouring the web for Ghost Picture of the Day (a surprisingly time-consuming task), I talk spirits on “Nova X,” hunt ghosts with  Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations, report local ghost stories as a Tampa Bay Paranormal Examiner, and now write for MysteriousUniverse.org. Might as well go full nerd, right? In any case, here are two of my recent outside articles, if you’re interested.

  • Creepy Woods: Unknown Beasts in the Forest” –  There are times when even the most seasoned outdoors-man is afraid to enter the forest for fear of what he might find. Here are five disturbing tales of unknown entities said to stalk the woods.