Creepy Woods and Haunted Theme Parks

dark woods Creepy Woods and Haunted Theme Parks

Ghosts and Ghouls isn’t my only paranormal-themed project. In addition to writing posts and scouring the web for Ghost Picture of the Day (a surprisingly time-consuming task), I talk spirits on “Nova X,” hunt ghosts with  Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations, report local ghost stories as a Tampa Bay Paranormal Examiner, and now write for MysteriousUniverse.org. Might as well go full nerd, right? In any case, here are two of my recent outside articles, if you’re interested.

  • Creepy Woods: Unknown Beasts in the Forest” -  There are times when even the most seasoned outdoors-man is afraid to enter the forest for fear of what he might find. Here are five disturbing tales of unknown entities said to stalk the woods.

Ghost Picture of the Day: The Man in the Woods

woods ghost picture Ghost Picture of the Day: The Man in the Woods

I’ve seen this ghost photo around the Web, though this particular image came from Science of Ghosts. According to the back story, the photographer snapped this pic near an old Victorian mine. Is the figure on the left a ghost, a fake, or a trick of the mind?

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Reader Submission: Camp Terror

woods at night Reader Submission: Camp Terror

“This happened when I was a camp counselor and canoe instructor at a kids’ camp in central Ontario, Canada in the late 80′s. A couple of things to know about me: I am a very experienced outdoorsman, and I don’t scare easily. Even at the time that this story took place, although I was only 17, I’d already spent many nights alone in the wilderness. I know what sounds the woods make and what animals do what. What we experienced was none of the above.

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Trail Cam Thing

trail ghost2 Creepy Photo of the Day: The Trail Cam Thing

What did this Wisconsin trail cam capture? A ghost? An animal? A wendigo? Read a few theories here.

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