Check Out This Creepy Horror Animation Video


Here’s a creepy horror animation video inspired by an old urban legend. A reader, Jra, created it. Check out more of his work on YouTube!

Has anyone else heard of this legend? It was new to me.

The Legend

“In college, some friends and I heard about an engineering student that, during his final exams, got a call in the middle of the night from his mother to tell him the worst news: his brother had died in a strange accident. The next day, the student disappeared and was never seen again. No one —not his teachers, peers, or tutors— knew what happened to him, and the event was forever shrouded in mystery.

Not long ago, at an old students meeting, a friend told me that he’d spoken to someone who knew what really happened that night: The student’s brother really did die in a terrible accident, and he did speak to his mother that night. However, his mother didn’t call him with the news, he called her…because his dead brother was in his room.”

*Please note, the video is in Spanish but has English captions which viewers may need to switch on.