Reader Submission: Haunted Hospital Room

hospital hall

“I used to work at this hospital on a PEDs/med-surg floor. None of the staff liked to go into Room 228. You would hear like a bedside table moving, hear disembodied voices, and the call light would go off by itself. We tried not to put patients in that room because of the activity.

Not only did us nurses experience activity, but the patients reported activity as well. Some saw a person standing in the corner, while others heard singing. There were also reports of the bed shaking and the bedside table moving. However, the creepiest thing that ever happened was when a child was assigned to Room 228.

One time, mom stepped off the floor, and I heard the child having a conversation with someone. I went back to the room, and I got chilled. The room felt like it was covered in a thick patch of fog. I asked the child who he was talking to, and he said a lady was talking to him. I left the room feeling a little uneasy and went back to the nurses’ station. The mom came back up and went to the room. She then came out said, ‘Thanks for having that lady stay with him while I was gone.’ I just smiled. I wasn’t going to tell her that her child was being watched by a ghost.”

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