Reader Submission: A Hamburglar Phantom and Spirit Orbs in Pioneer, CA


This story comes from H.P.I. International, a paranormal investigation group in Sacramento, CA. The group investigated a haunted property in nearby Pioneer. Here’s what two members experienced.

The Hamburglar Phantom
Lisa: “While I was talking with Keith (haunted house occupant) about some of the things he was experiencing, I happened to be see something move out of the corner of my left eye. I was trying not to be obvious about it as not to alarm Keith. I decided silently to perform my own debunking while standing there.

We were under some of the trees. It was around 2:30 p.m., and the sun was shining. Although there wasn’t direct sun beaming down on me there, I was in the area of the movement. I stood there moving ever so slightly left and right, back and forth, trying to see if that movement could be recreated. Finally, I asked Keith to tell me what the little critter looked like to him. I was seeing a small figure approximately 3 to 3.5 feet tall with a black cape sort of thing. It would dart quickly from tree to tree peering out from behind.

Keith started telling me that he was seeing the same thing I was seeing. He called it a leprechaun. I had to ask him that again because I never knew a leprechaun would sport a black cape. He asked me what I would call it and to the best of my capability I called it ‘The Hamburglar.’ It reminded me of back in the good old days when McDonald’s used real food and The Hamburglar tried to steal it. I remember how he would sneak up and peer from around the corner. I know other team members did see dark figures darting throughout the evening. I do not know, though, if they were the same as the Hamburglar Phantom.”

The Spirit Orb
Tracy: “While in Keith’s daughter’s room, I kept feeling the sensation of someone pressing on the back of my legs, as if trying to knock me off balance. I asked Mark Tatum to take a pic every time I felt that sensation and every time a photo of an orb would appear. I walked over to Mark, asking if he could please take a pic of the backs of my legs, since that’s the place I felt it the strongest. Within maybe 30 seconds, I felt that sensation on my legs, and Mark immediately took a pic and was able to capture at least 3 orbs, all specifically around my legs.

Also, at one point when I asked him to take a pic, I said ‘I feel something, please take a pic right now.’ He immediately took a pic and said he’d found yet another orb. He began to say ‘Tre, the orb is on….’ and I said ‘Wait! Is it right here?,’ as I gestured to my right, above my right shoulder. Mark looked closely at the photo and said ‘It’s on your right, just above your shoulder, behind you,’ exactly where I’d been feeling a presence. It was pretty amazing. With every feeling, it was very well documented and verified with a photo.”


What do you think of the group’s tale?