Reader Submission: Little Blue


“Hey, there. I was Googling Hunting Island and saw your post about the light house. I thought you might be interested in an experience I had at the park.

My family and I recently spent a week in Beaufort (South Carolina). We did the typical touristy stuff – carriage rides, history tours, lots of shrimp and grits – but one day we got bored with the scene in town and drove to Hunting Island State Park.

The first thing my parents wanted to do was explore the nature center and the connecting pier. That was fine for about 20 minutes, but my sister, Kate, and I really wanted to visit the beach. After some whining and complaining, we finally convinced our parents to turn us loose.

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The Haunted Lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park

hunting island state park

Hunting Island is a beautiful coastal park located about 15 miles east of Beaufort, SC. The park has many attractions, including a 138-year-old lighthouse, and like nearly all lighthouses around the world, the Hunting Island light has a reputation for being haunted.

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