Reader Submission: The Shadow Warriors

indian shadow

“Parkland was a brand new development and we had a house built back in 1995 or 1996. I can’t remember. The story is that the development was built on an Indian burial ground, but the developers said they did not find any bones so they were free to build.

We had a pool in the back of our house. Beyond the pool was a lake/pond, then big street lights, and then the main road leading into Parkland. The lights from the road shined onto the back of our house by the pool.

Ok, so get this…We would see Indian shadows fighting on the back of the wall of the house at night. It was so weird! We would literally invite people over to watch. The weird thing is that the shadows were big – like someone was standing right there and in fact if you stood against the wall, your shadow was just as big as the Indians’. They would fight around your shadow like you were not even there. So freaky!”

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