Ghost Video at Theorosa’s Bridge?

A reader sent this video shot at Kansas’ haunted Theorosa’s Bridge. Similar to Emily’s Bridge in Stowe, Vermont, Theorosa’s Bridge has spawned many creepy legends. However, the result is the more or less the same: a baby dies in the creek near the bridge, and the grief-stricken mother haunts the area to this day. According to one version of the legend, which the OP seems to subscribe, one can summon the ghost by chanting “Theorosa, I have your baby!” over and over. At around 3:14, the camera pans to the right, and then back again, giving viewers a glimpse of an odd figure in the brush. Is it Theorosa or simply a trick of the mind?


Eerie Eateries: 100 Haunted Restaurants in the United States (Illinois – Missouri)

rusted sign

Here’s the second installment of a four-part series featuring 100 haunted restaurants from across the United States (first part here). Have you visited any of the places on the list?


The Country House
A young woman reportedly haunts The Country House Restaurant in Clarendon Hills. Legend has the woman committed suicide sometime in the 1950s and now makes her presence known by opening shutters, moving around pots and pans, and playing music on the jukebox in the middle of the night. People have also spotted the young woman beckoning customers from an upstairs window.

241 55th Street
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

haunted country house restaurant

One Eleven Main
Galena’s One Eleven Main, once the site of a mortuary and casket-making company, now has a haunting reputation. The executive chef photographed what he believes are three ghosts playing outside the historic restaurant (photo here), and another employee found the name “John” written in sawdust.

111 North Main Street
Galena, Illinois 61036

haunted one eleven main

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