Robert the Haunted Doll

robert the doll moving by itselfWhen it comes to haunted dolls, Robert is among the most famous. The Key West plaything has terrified residents of the tropical community for over a hundred years and now serves as a tourist attraction.

Legend has it that a Bahamian maid gave the doll to future Key West painter Robert Eugene Otto when he was just a boy. The servant was reportedly angry with Robert’s parents and cursed the doll before seeking employment elsewhere. Soon after her departure, strange events began plaguing the Otto household.

Robert named the life-sized doll after himself and loved to have conversations with his new friend. At first, the boy’s parents were amused, but they soon grew concerned after servants insisted they heard the doll talking back. Members of the household were also spooked when the doll’s expression seemed to change before their eyes or when eerie giggles rang from Robert’s bedroom when only the doll was inside. The Otto’s neighbors also reported seeing the doll move from window to window when the family wasn’t home.

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