Did My Son See a Ghost?


This happened a few days ago with my son, William, age 2:

William leaves his bed and comes into the living room.
“Mommy, who’s that man looking at me from the blinds?”
Concerned about a prowler, I rush to his room to investigate. However, the blinds are closed and no one is around.
Me: “What are you talking about? There’s no one here.”
William stares up at the ceiling near the window.
“He’s up there.”
William points up and continues to stare.
“Up there. Why is that man looking at me?”
“I don’t see anyone. What does the man look like?”
“Like a monster.”

My son seemed curious, not scared, which leads me to believe he didn’t actually see a man’s head hovering over the window. However, it still creeped me out!

Who else out there has been spooked by something their kids said or did?