Ghost Queens: Anne of Cleves

On January 6, 1540, King Henry VIII reluctantly married his fourth wife, the German Anne of Cleves. Though Henry had been smitten by Anne’s portrait, he was not smitten by her appearance in person.

“She is nothing so fair as she hath been reported,” the surly king complained.

After just six months of marriage, Henry requested an annulment on the grounds that the union had never been consummated. Anne agreed to the request, and a grateful Henry gave her a generous settlement and thereafter called Anne “the King’s Beloved Sister.” Now, more than 475 years after the ill-fated marriage, ghosts reportedly walk properties bearing Anne’s name.

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Ghost Queens: Katherine of Aragon

queen katherine

King Henry VIII,
to six wives he was wedded.
One died, one survived,
two divorced, two beheaded.

Henry VIII is perhaps the most infamous king in English history. The fickle Henry married six times in his 55 years, but could never seem to find the happiness he craved. Though his wives tried their best to please him, Henry was a cruel and difficult man who thought nothing of forsaking those close to him.

Given the heartbreak the king left in his wake, it’s hardly surprising that each of Henry’s wives reportedly haunt the English palaces they once called home. This is the story of Katherine of Aragon.

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Reader Submission: Possessed by Henry VIII

king henry

“I am not a believer in ghosts, but then I don’t not believe. I guess I’m what they call ‘open minded’.

Yesterday, I visited Windsor Castle. The chapel there is filled with tombs and underground vaults containing the remains of kings and queens from years gone by. Walking around, I felt strange, almost uneasy. I have been on a few ghost hunts before but never felt any kind of fear.

As I turned the corner, I entered a room with seats and candles running down either side. On the floor between the two rows were stones displaying the names of whose remains were beneath our feet. I was reading the text on one tablet when for a couple of seconds I lost my vision and hearing and had no idea who or where I was. The only feeling I had was of unbelievable anger. All this happened as I stood over Henry VIII’s final resting place.

Like I said, I’m open minded. But I cant help thinking, did I feel the presence of Henry VIII not only in the room, but actually inside me taking over my senses? Stories of so called possession are common these days. I used to think such phenomena was B.S., but now I’m not so sure! I would like peoples opinions on this.”

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