Reader Submission: The Male Penanggalan

male penanggalan

“Following up on your krasue story, my father encountered a male krasue once in my grandmother’s house.

Grandma’s Black Magick
My grandmother practiced extremely black magick and had all manner of evil spirits near her, some of them physically manifesting and audibly calling out my mother and uncle’s names in the middle of the night. She practiced a dark version of an African Diapora religion. I don’t know what she practiced exactly, but she opened gateways to all sorts of spirits most African practitioners have never heard of.

In Cuba, sometimes the malevolent entities at her house would appear as great spheres of light. I later found out that in Ireland, and even as far as Europe and Mexico, evil spirits take on the form of white orbs. Good spirits do too. In Ireland, they’re called will-o’-the-wisps. In Mexico, demon witches like vampire witches often take on the form of fiery balls of light, and villagers keep their kids indoors so that they stay away. Many witches love to feed on children’s blood.

The Premonition
Well, the magick runs in my family. My mother was a Seer and saw in dreams how one man would die in a plane accident. She told my grandmother, but that same man was also stalking her and spreading false rumors about her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. So she didn’t want to speak to him, but my grandmother told her to do it anyway or she would always have it on her conscience. He didn’t listen, and he died exactly the way my mother said he would.

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