Reader Submission: The Lady in White


“My story involves numerous experiences over a number of years at my parents’ house, the house where they still, in fact, live today.

The layout of the house had the bedrooms up one end and the living room and kitchen at the other. The earliest occurrences were lights turning themselves on in the bedrooms when everyone was sitting together having dinner or watching TV. We initially thought nothing of it, as most people would. This all changed when we began seeing what we called the lady in white. I realize how silly that sounds, but in all seriousness that’s what we saw and it’s the only way to describe it.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Woman at the Top of the Stairs

Taken at a U.S. mill in 1929, this photo shows a glowing apparition at the top of a staircase. The photographer didn’t notice anything strange at the time of the photo, nor did he sense anything amiss at the mill. Check out AngelsGhosts.com for more information. What do you think?

ghost picture apparition

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Worstead Church Wraith

ghost pic worstead church

In 1975, a couple visited Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. The husband snapped a photo of his wife praying on a pew, but it seems she wasn’t alone. Is the eerie figure the church’s infamous Lady in White?

A tourist snapped a similar photo in Montana’s Bannack Church.

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The Haunted Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas (Videos)

The Place: The Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, TX

The History: Named after Adolphus Busch, founder of the Anheuser-Busch company, the Hotel Adolphus opened its doors in 1912. This Baroque-style luxury hotel has sheltered more than a few notable guests, including Warren G. Harding, George H. W. Bush, Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip. However, it seems not all of the hotel’s guests have checked out.

The Haunting: The most famous spirit at the Hotel Adolphus is the lady in white, a ghost thought to belong to a young woman left at the altar during the Depression era. Legend has it the jilted bride was so upset by her fiancé’s change of heart that she hanged herself in the hotel’s grand ballroom on the 19th floor. Now, the bride-that-never-was roams the halls of the Adolphus, sobbing piteously and trailing after hotel guests.

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