6 Signs a Ghost Story is Probably BS

ghost picture

As much as I enjoy writing about ghost legends, I have to admit many (most?) of the tales out there just aren’t credible. Here are six things that make me suspicious.

There Are No Historical Records

Many haunted sites have tragic back stories involving murder, mayhem, heartbreak, and despair. However, there’s often no historical evidence to back up the claims. Take Anna of the 17Hundred90 Inn. Her story is perhaps the most famous ghost tale in all of Savannah, but there’s no record of a woman named Anna jumping from Room 204 (which isn’t all that high, by the way). There’s also no record of a maid jumping from OKC’s Skirvin Hotel, a slave name Chloe poisoning her master’s family, a suicidal bride at the Adolphus Hotel, a jilted bride at the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house, or a heartbroken woman at Emily’s Bridge. Newspapers at the time would have certainly covered the shocking events, and yet there’s no record.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Apparition at the Lemp Mansion

lemp mansion ghost photo
This photo from AngelsGhosts.com shows a strange figure at the infamous Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO. The Lemp family once dominated the city’s beer market with the Lemp Brewery and Falstaff brand beer. However, Prohibition shuttered the family business, and four members of the Lemp family committed suicide between 1904 and 1949. Three of the deaths occurred inside the Lemp Mansion, and now phantom knocks, heavy footsteps, and disembodied voices plague the historic property. Is the figure in the photo a departed Lemp strolling about his old home?

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