Ghost Video: Does This CCTV Footage Show a Ghost Walking Through a Wall?

Earlier this month, I received a ghost video press release regarding the strange footage shown below. Recorded at a community center in the Ruislip area of London, the video shows a transparent man walking through a door and into a nearby wall. A security officer reportedly spotted the figure on CCTV but found nothing when he went to investigate. The cameras, however, recorded everything.

What do you think of the footage? The reactions on YouTube are mixed, with many viewers calling it fake and others insisting the video is proof of the paranormal. Personally, I think the video is either a hoax or the result of a camera malfunction. Give your take in the comments below!



Ghost Picture of the Day: St. Botolph’s Spirit

ghost photo st botolph

Taken in London’s St. Botolph’s Church, this photo shows what appears to be a transparent man staring down from the balcony. Is it a spirit or is it a deceptive trick of shadow and light?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: Ghost Girl at the Theatre

ghost girl photo

A couple snapped this pic in London’s Dominion Theatre last January. The man in the photo, Stuart Cheveralls, researched the historic building after the spooky discovery and learned that a 14-year-old girl named Eleanor Cooper died at the theatre in 1814. Is that her in the background?

The Dominion spirit sort of looks like the ghost in this photo, also taken in England. 

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