Reader Submission: The Vanishing Hunter

the vanishing man

“About twenty-five years ago, a friend of mine and I were out hiking one afternoon, along with his dog. We were headed to our usual campsite to see what shape it was in after the winter.

The area we were in had long had a reputation for odd occurrences, and we’d had our share over the years. Even so, it was an annual ritual to get away to ‘our spot’ at  least three or four times between Memorial and Labor Day.

It was just past noon, and we decided to break for lunch in a clearing about halfway to the campsite. We built a small fire, cooked some grub, and made coffee. The dog, after having his lunch, stretched out on the ground for a nap.

As we relaxed, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, the dog suddenly sat up and looked back the way we’d come on the trail. Sure enough, a figure was approaching us through the trees, a tall man dressed head to foot in camo. We didn’t think much about it. That time of year (late May in Ohio), the woods were full of people hiking, fishing, and what not.

The man got to the edge of the clearing, about twenty feet from where we sat, and….vanished. He’d looked solid, and real, although (we realized later) he’d made no sound coming down the path, nor did he appear to notice us.

The dog yawned, laid back down, and went back to sleep. We looked at each other, shrugged, and finished our coffee.”

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