Ghost Photo: Black Mass at the Cemetery

ghost pic

“I have always been somewhat of a skeptic about ghosts. I will admit that. But one day, on September 19th, 2013, my friend and I decided to visit The Battlefield of Antietam in Maryland. I had just moved to Hanover, Maryland and was excited to visit the battlefield because I love history and learning about past wars.

When we arrived, I started taking pictures. We eventually walked into this very old, but beautiful, cemetery across the street from the Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia building. I took quite a few pictures of the cemetery as it had some very old, beautiful head stones. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, nor was there anybody in the cemetery but my friend and I. There was a guard cop outside the gates, but that was the only person we saw the whole time we were there.

After we walked around for a good hour, reading some of the writings on the head stones and taking pics, we decided to head up toward the battlefield before it got too dark. Once there, I took more photos. We left, and I decided to look at the pictures I’d taken as we had a good two hour drive home. That is when I noticed something very strange in a few of the cemetery photos.

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The Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe


On October 7, 1849, renowned author Edgar Allan Poe died at Washington Medical College. Two days earlier, a man had encountered Poe “in great distress and in need of immediate assistance” on a street in Baltimore, MD.

Poe, who wasn’t wearing his own clothes at the time of his discovery, repeatedly called out the name Reynolds, but died before he could explain who he was talking about or what had made him so ill. Newspapers at the time claimed Poe died of “congestion of the brain” or “cerebral inflammation,” common euphemisms for alcoholism, but it’s uncertain how the author truly died as his medical records are long lost.

Though Poe’s records might be gone, some people believe the author still lurks around his former home at 203 North Amity Street in Baltimore. According to the Baltimore Post-Examiner, several people in the 1970s felt taps on the shoulder but turned around to see no one behind them. One actor was spooked when a window sash appeared to fly across the room and land at his feet. Reports of “creepy feelings” and “an eerie presence” are not uncommon.

When haunting at home gets too boring, Poe floats on over to the Horse You Rode in On pub, also in Baltimore. According to BaltimoreStories.com, bartenders attribute swinging chandeliers to the author and believe he’s behind a cash register that repeatedly pops open.

Do you believe Edgar Allan Poe haunts his former home and pub forevermore?


Eerie Eateries: 100 Haunted Restaurants in the United States (Illinois – Missouri)

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Here’s the second installment of a four-part series featuring 100 haunted restaurants from across the United States (first part here). Have you visited any of the places on the list?


The Country House
A young woman reportedly haunts The Country House Restaurant in Clarendon Hills. Legend has the woman committed suicide sometime in the 1950s and now makes her presence known by opening shutters, moving around pots and pans, and playing music on the jukebox in the middle of the night. People have also spotted the young woman beckoning customers from an upstairs window.

241 55th Street
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

haunted country house restaurant

One Eleven Main
Galena’s One Eleven Main, once the site of a mortuary and casket-making company, now has a haunting reputation. The executive chef photographed what he believes are three ghosts playing outside the historic restaurant (photo here), and another employee found the name “John” written in sawdust.

111 North Main Street
Galena, Illinois 61036

haunted one eleven main

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