Ladies of the Night: 5 Historic Haunted Brothels in the U.S.

haunted dumas brothel

Historic brothels, like theaters, always seem to have a resident ghost or two. Here are five former brothels haunted by the working women of days gone by.

The Dumas Brothel
Butte, MT

For 92 years, the women of The Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT (above) served the community’s hard-working miners and helped the business become America’s longest-running house of prostitution. Though the brothel closed its doors in 1982, the property’s current owners believe at least a few working women remain. Eerie events at the old brothel include falling mirrors, touches from unseen hands, and a shaking bed. The Haunted Collector team investigated The Dumas for an episode of the show and reportedly contacted the spirit of a former madam named Sarah.

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Reader Submission: The Angel Statue

statue of angel
“Butte, Montana is on of the oldest mining towns in the nation and also has the largest historic district in the U.S. My story starts when I was in high school. I had insomnia and so did one of the girls I hung out with. We would drive around town and chat and look for random places to go. One night, we decided to go drive around the three cemeteries in town.

We drove into one cemetery which has a big statue in the middle of a roundabout. It was about 3:30 a.m. which is supposed to be the witching hour, a fact I didn’t realize until later. As we drove around the statue, she looked up and said “Why would they put a gargoyle in the cemetery?” It looked like an angel to me, so I pointed my headlights toward the statue and pointed out the big angel wings. She agreed it was an angel and we left.

About two hours later, we decided to go back through the cemetery. We pulled through and stared at the statue as we get closer. The only problem was that it wasn’t an angel or a gargoyle anymore. It was now the statue that everyone sees today – Jesus on the cross with a few disciples underneath. We got out and inspected the statue and it had definitely not been replaced in that time. I have only heard one person talk about the angel statue and it was years later, while I was working in a fitness club close to the cemetery. A customer came in and asked about the angel statue and how long it had been there.

My story is true and I would invite anyone reading to visit Butte and check out some of the historical places.”

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Bannack Church Ghost

This photo from AngelsGhosts.com, was taken at an old church in Bannack, Montana. According to the submitter, the woman on the right kept hearing strange noises coming from the mist’s general direction. Was it the ghost of a former worshipper?

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Real Ghost Stories from the Military

night vision view of woods

Here are a few creepy tales I found on military forums. Enjoy!

Something in the Walls

“When I was stationed at MacDill AFB we lived in base housing and while I was TDY (temporary duty) my wife use to say she would here clanging at night. She said it was as if something was trying to escape the walls. After we moved, I found out that an Airman back in the 1950’s had killed his daughter and hid her body in the attic. He lived in the same unit we did. I never told my wife this because she would surely freak out!”


A Hostile Light

“This happened at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Sometime in November, one coworker said he was checking a site (I can’t remember which one) when he spotted a single bright light moving around a farmer’s field outside the restricted area. It started to move towards the site, and he assumed it was hunters with a spotlight. He got on the loudspeaker of his vehicle and gave a warning not to approach the site. Immediately, the light went 0 to 60 directly at their vehicle. The vehicle abruptly turned off, the engine, radio and headlights dying.

blurred lightsHe managed to scream into his handheld radio ‘they are going to ram us!’ as his alpha departed the vehicle in a hurry. He threw himself flat across the seat for impact, which never happened because the light appeared to stop on a dime, just short of striking their vehicle. When he sat up, the light was retreating away from them, and quickly moved away till it vanished over a hill. The vehicle suddenly came back to life, engine restarting on its own. How he didn’t soil his shorts, I have no idea.”


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