Ghost Photo: A Soldier’s Spirit?

ghost photo cemetery

A school boy took this pic while on a trip to a German war cemetery in France.  The student snapped several photos on his iPhone and noticed the transparent figure on the left when he got home.

“I was sat on the sofa flicking through pictures when I saw it and immediately ran upstairs to show my mum,” Mitch Glover, 14, told the Daily Mail. “She was kinda freaked out. It looks like there is someone standing there. I thought it was like a ghost from World War One, a soldier.”

The site of the photo, the Neuville-St Vaast war cemetery near Arras, is the final resting place of nearly 45,000 soldiers. Do you think the alleged ghost is one of them?

EDIT: It appears to be a ghost app, fake! Thanks to commenter Tom Ruffles for sharing the link.

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