Ghosts Caught on U.K. Pub’s CCTV?

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A reader shared this video from the Golden Lion Inn in Barnard Castle, England. He writes:

“The spooky film shows countless orbs, figures, faces, spectral movement and all manner of weird goings on. But the most eerie scene is of the landlady going through a door and a ghost appears to come through her back. Two other phantom figures disappear as the door closes through them.”

Check out the video below. Do you agree with his assessment?

Update: Here’s some additional context the reader sent in.

“The pub was built in 1679 with stone from the castle it backs onto. The castle was built between 1112 and 1132 and has a Roman road running up the side of it. There is also CCTV footage of ghosts coming over the wall from the castle where orbs have also been seen.

The pub it sited on what was the local people’s entrance to the castle and many sieges and battles have spread onto the town street through this entrance. In one such siege, where the town was surrounded by 1,200 horsemen and 3,000 foot soldiers, 226 locals jumped from the high battlements in surrender. Of those, 35 were killed or seriously injured. From those uninjured, many were hung for treason. Traitor’s tree, once used for hangings, still stands just outside the castle. The execution block and gallows were a few hundred yards further up the Roman road. The town is steeped in history having had Charles Dickens and Oliver Cromwell as visitors.

Barnard Castle is claiming to be the world’s most haunted town with 93 ghost sightings by the town’s 5,500 inhabitants.”


New Page for 2013 Ghost Videos

Awhile back, a reader suggested that I add a section for new ghost videos (hi, Matt!). So that’s what I did. Behold the new page for 2013 ghost videos. My plan is to search paranormal headlines/Twitter feeds/YouTube channels for new footage, but that takes a lot of time, which I don’t always have. So…if any of you come across an interesting ghost video recorded sometime this year, please send a link or tip to ghostsghoul@gmail.com. You can also share info by clicking the button below. Thanks! I really appreciate it.


In the meantime, enjoy this fabulously cheesy slide show of ghost pictures set to creepy music.


Have You Seen These 7 New Ghost Videos?


Here are 7 new ghost videos uploaded to YouTube.com this week. Do you think any show the real deal?

Ghosts And Ghouls Rating System

ghost_face Not at all creepy
ghost_faceghost_faceSlightly creepy
ghost_faceghost_faceghost_faceghost_facePretty Creepy
ghost_faceghost_faceghost_faceghost_faceghost_faceVery creepy!

The Scooting Bowl

The Video: A child’s bowl scoots across a table by itself. The submitter says weird things happen in their home all the time, and that the moving bowl is the third paranormal incident caught on camera.

The Verdict: To me, this video isn’t all that creepy. It’s relatively simple to fake something like this, and the child also seems coached in some way, as if someone off camera is telling him where to put his toys and when to leave the shot. Do you agree? ghost_faceghost_face

Voice from a Ghost Box

The Video: Paranormal investigators ask a ghost box questions and get “quick and clear” answers.

The Verdict: I must admit I’m pretty skeptical of ghost boxes. However, a couple of the box’s answers do seem pretty clear. I’ve never tried a ghost box, or even attempted to record an EVP, but this video makes me want to give it a shot.


Voice from a Ghost Box, II

The Video: A different group of investigators record responses from a ghost box.

The Verdict: To me, the responses in this video seem like random noise. If I hadn’t read the subtitles I’d have no idea what the voices were trying to say.


Rage Against the Machine

The Video: A shadowy figure appears in a couple’s kitchen, attacks their microwave, and then abruptly disappears.

The Verdict: The video is interesting and makes me glad I don’t live at this residence. I’d be curious to know if other odd things go on at the house.


The Growling Ghost

The Video: A person exploring an empty house hears growling and maybe spots a ghost.

The Verdict: I’m suspicious of this video because the person who shot it used a weird filter and adjusted the sound in some odd way. The growls are creepy, but I don’t think they’re paranormal.


The Face in the Tent

The Video: A face appears in a child’s play tent.

The Verdict: I had to watch this video several times before I saw the face appear. How do people spot this stuff? My daughter has the same tent, by the way. Ikea!


Ghost on Camera?

The Video: A ghost appears?

The Verdict: I have no idea where the ghost is supposed to be. Maybe it’s invisible. Do you see it?


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