Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit in the Court

courthouse ghost picture

In 2006, security footage at North Carolina’s Lincoln County Courthouse revealed a ghostly woman taking notes in an empty room. Security officers went to investigate, but reportedly found no trace of the woman. The courthouse has long had a reputation for being haunted, and Sgt. Lonnie Reap, a 30+ year employee, is a believer.

“I believed all along that there’s ghosts in this courthouse,” Reap told a local news station. “A lot at night, I’ve heard foot steps. I’ve heard noises that I couldn’t explain.”

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Lad at Lake Lure Inn

lake lure inn ghost photo

A manager at North Carolina’s Lake Lure Inn snapped this photo while preparing for an event. Though he didn’t notice anything strange that day, the photo reveals a blurred figure on the left. Is it a ghost? The manager checked the inn’s surveillance footage, but found no sign of the boy. Here’s a news story covering the ghostly image. What do you think?

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Haunting Headlines: Ghosts and Ghouls in the News

Ma Barker’s Reportedly Haunted House for Sale
Toronto Sun
August 22, 2012

Ocklawaha, Florida – “Located on Lake Weir, the home where Kate ‘Ma’ Barker was shot dead by the FBI in 1935 remains almost in exactly the same condition it did then.” The historic home is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of the notorious gangster.

On the Search for Spirits: Paranormal Group Conducts Investigation at Culver Hospital
Journal Review Online
August 24, 2012

Crawfordsville, Indiana – “On Wednesday, a group of investigators from the Lafayette-based Wabash Paranormal Research Society came to the hospital to see if they could coax any other-worldy beings out of hiding.”

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Back to School Ghouls: Asheville High School Ghost Video

haunted asheville high school

In the “spirit” of back-to-school season, here’s a true tale of a haunted school in Asheville, North Carolina.

In 2008, a motion-activated camera caught a shadowy figure walking the halls of Asheville High School (video below). The shadow changes form and at one point resembles that of a child, but was it a ghost?

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