Ghost Photo: The Lady in Pink

ghost picture

This photo comes from the Wayne County Courthouse in Wooster, Ohio. Legend has it a “Lady in Pink” haunts the old building. Could the picture, a still from recent surveillance footage, be proof? Check out this local news report to learn more.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Hooded Figure

haunted jail ghost picture

For “Nova X” listeners: Here is the photo Jason was talking about…

A report in The News-Messenger claims a ghost hunting group captured this photo of a “hooded figure” at the Sandusky County Jail in Fremont, Ohio. Officials wonder if it’s the ghost of a former executioner. Do you think they’re dead on or dead wrong?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Cemetery Spirit

chestnet grove cemetery haunted

A reader writes: “A group of us went to the Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashtabula, OH which is supposed to be haunted by the unidentified train disaster victims buried there. The entire time we had a creepy feeling, but nothing happened.

However, while we were on our way out, I jokingly asked someone to take a picture of me because I felt like I was being watched (I really did have that feeling, just skeptical), and in the picture you can see a man in period clothing staring in at me in the window. It was horrifying, so I’ll leave it to you to tell me what you think!”

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Ghost Sex

ghost picture ghost sex

Does this photo show two ghosts having sex? In November 2011, Dianne Carlisle of Euclid, OH appeared on the news to say her granddaughter had snapped a pic of two spirits getting busy (video below). The family has had several run-ins with the paranormal, including phone calls from the dead. What do you think of the titillating image?

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