Ghost Photo: Penn Theater Spirits?

picture of alleged ghost faces

A reader writes:

“These photos were taken at Penn Theater located on North Main Street in Butler, PA. I took them in June 2016, in front of the old projector on the second floor. There is no glass or any obstruction in front of the projector where I took the pictures. I took them both in the same location and only a few seconds apart. I used my Galaxy S7 edge to take the photos.

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Reader Submission: Lights in the Night


“Before I tell you about the most peculiar nights of my life, I thought I’d start off telling you about myself.

I am a rather unfaithful person. I do not believe in any religion, and even if I did, I would feel doubtful about it. The only thing I believe is that everything is explainable, if not by science then by something that relates to it. So I do not believe what I experienced in the September of 2009 was unexplainable, neither do I feel like I need to prove it wasn’t some hallucination or dream to you. In this story, I’ll be saying everything I thought and felt about this experience, and it’s going to be completely up to you whether you believe it or not.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Glowing Orbs


A reader writes: “My husband took this pic on July 26, 2013 @ 11:48am. The weather was clear and sunny. There was nothing in the background to reflect off of so we are stumped. What do you guys think?”

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The Orb by the Urn

ghost picture orb

This photo from About.com shows a large orb near an urn containing the ashes of a family pet. Is it a coincidence or something more? What do you think of the whole “orbs are spirits” argument?

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