From the Archives: 25 Chilling Ghost Stories


Settle in for 25 chilling reads covering everything from Ouija boards to haunted mirrors. Most frightening of all, the stories are TRUE.

Ouija Board Terror

  • Ouija ZozoFriends fool around with a Ouija board and get more than they bargained for. 
  • The Ouija Boy – “We asked it what it wanted. It said it wanted my soul.”
  • Ouija PossessionA teen experiments with a Ouija board and is never the same.
  • Ouija Board Evil – Ouija-board fun turns to terror when an evil spirit threatens the users.
  • Ouija Entity – One woman’s terrifying encounters with an evil entity.
  • The Ouija Board – A late-night Ouija board session attracts the attention of a noisy spirit.

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Reader Submissions: 3 True Ghost Stories


In the mood for a creepy read? Here are three chilling tales from Ghost and Ghouls readers. We’ve got ghostly teachers, Ouija-summoned demons, and a malevolent hunter from beyond the grave. Sweet dreams!

Have a true tale of your own to submit? Share it here!

An Angry Hunter

“I lived at my parent’s house in Hopkinton, MA until 2012,  from the time I was 9 years old until the time I was 24. I always knew something was creepy about that house since it used to be an old hunting lodge.

My first experience happened when I was 11. My grandfather passed away, and one night after his funeral I was in bed and saw a man in the corner of my room that looked like my grandfather. I said goodbye and he looked at me and walked out.

My second experience happened when I had a friend sleep over. We slept in the den and next to the den was a mudroom with creepy stairs. I heard a heavy banging sound coming from the stairs, so I went to check it out and saw what looked like a hunter. He was wearing hunting boots and camouflage and had a gun on him. I was freaked out.

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Reader Submission: Ouija Board Evil


“Me and my friend decided to make a Ouija board. We used cards and put tea bags over it for an older look. The Ouija board looked very professional and good by the time we were finished. We lit candles and put a Bible near the board, as well as a silver coin. The board did not work until we moved these items off. We did the board a lot of times because we were intrigued.

There were three spirits in my room, and the main one was Dean. He was a good spirit and wanted to protect me from the other evil spirits. He warned me about them and told me stuff he shouldn’t have. It was like he was being watched. He joked with us and was a funny, nice spirit. He could read our minds. We tested this. ‘Who’s name am I thinking of?’ ‘What number am I thinking of?’ Needless to say, the board got it right each time.

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Reader Submission: Ouija Entity

creepy ouija board

“When I was about fourteen, I started doing Ouija boards with my friends. I didn’t really believe that anything would happen, but it did. The glass always moved really strongly, and whatever we brought through knew things about individuals in the group that nobody else could have known. The thing that came through fixated on me. It claimed to be my twin (my mother miscarried a twin when she was pregnant with me), and over the next two years we did lots of Ouija boards and would always get this same entity.

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