Reader Submission: A Visit from the Past

shadow men

“A few years ago (when I was still living at home), my father started renovations in the living room. With the walls being knocked down and me falling in love with the aged wallpaper underneath, I of course started joking around about how the renovations were going to cause a haunting and how the previous owner wasn’t going to like the changes. Turns out I was half right.

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Reader Submission: Paranormal Events

face at window

“Over my 17 years of life, I have experienced many happenings that I believe could be paranormal. This isn’t everything, but here are the things that stand out most to me.

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Reader Submission: An Evil Attack


“I was stalked and then attacked by my ex after he came into my home to kill me on Feb 25, 2011. He burst inside with a gun pointed at me and another at my 14-year-old daughter and friend. About 30 cops showed up, but they refused to come inside, instead choosing to break out windows to get a shot at him.

During the chaos, I dropped to my knees and began saying the Lord’s Prayer. I had given up and believed I would die, but I heard a voice say ‘Get up. You will live, but you must figure out how to survive.’ Thanks to this power and presence, I was able to fight my ex off. Despite being shot twice and beaten to a pulp by a man who outweighed me by 120 pounds, I was able to get to my safe and retrieve my own weapon. A gunfight ensued which resulted in my ex finally falling after I shot him multiple times in self defense.

Witnesses told the detective my ex’s eyes were black and his face was distorted during the attack. I told the detective the same. We all saw the same thing, even though we didn’t have a chance to compare stories as I went straight to the ER after the incident.

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Reader Submission: The Trench Coat Man


“I was very young, around four-years-old, I think. While it’s hard to remember events from such an early age, my mom was present and backs up my memories of the ‘man in the big trench coat and hat.’

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