Ghost Photo: The Boy in the Woods

ghost photo

Little info exists about this photo which appears to show a boy’s disembodied head floating in the woods behind a cemetery. What do you think of the spooky image?

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Ghost Photo: Cork City Jail

ghost cork city gaol ireland

Skidmore Photography snapped these photos at Ireland’s Cork City Jail (or Gaol). The photo on the left shows nothing, while the photo on the right, taken just seconds before, shows something very odd. Could it be a ghost? A ghostly woman in green allegedly haunts the Cork City Gaol, though details about the legend are scarce. What do you make of the photos?

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Ghost Photo: The Man Inside

ghost photo

Last October, a woman in England snapped a photo of her new home and was shocked to see someone staring out the window.

“I decided to take a picture of the front of our house and post it on Facebook,” Michelle Midwinter told the Daily Mail. “I went outside and took a picture, but after initially admiring the brickwork the face just sort of jumped out at me. I ran into the house to make sure no one was in there because I knew everyone else was at work, but it was just me and my two-year-old daughter.”

Midwinter reports that she and her family have also heard scratching sounds in the walls and odd noises upstairs.

Do you think the pic shows a real ghost?

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Ghost Photo: Haunted Hospital?

ghost pictureA reader writes:

“The story with this picture is that I worked nights at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. There is this room on one end of the hallway where you always feel like you’re being watched. So I went to the room and checked it out.

I snapped a picture of the room because it felt weird and ran back to the desk. I then went on with my night. It was not until the next night and I was looking at my pictures on my phone did I notice what I was able to catch. I did not see it that night. Take a look at the photo and decide for yourself. PS: there were no patients in that room.”

What do you think of the alleged ghost photo?

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