Ghost Photo of the Day: Spirit on the Stairs

ghost picture stairs

The story behind this ghost photo from Malaysian Ghost Research is that a government worker snapped this picture, and the figure in white inexplicably turned up. He insists no one was there at the time of the photo (don’t they all) and that a colleague once thought he saw something on the same staircase. Other eerie events in the building include a strong sense of being watched and a possible apparition in the parking lot.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Shower Boy

ghost picture 1980sTaken in 1989, this retro pic from About.com shows two teens preparing for a Halloween outing. However, closer inspection reveals a third figure in the room. Do you see it?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Shadow Man on the Beach

shadow man beach

Taken at Jacksonville Beach in June 2006, this pic from GhostStudy.com shows a shadowy figure near the water. According to the original submitter, there was no one else on the beach at the time of the photo.

The Jacksonville figure reminded me of shadow people stories in Harbor Island, SC and Tybee Island, GA. There’s also a legend in Charleston, SC about a Gray Man who warns residents of impending danger. Could the sightings somehow be related?

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