Reader Submission: The Falling Saw


“To start off, my friend Amanda and I always have weird things happening around us whether we are together or not; more so when we’re together. We do try to find logical reasons for the things that happen, but we don’t always succeed. The latest incident was yesterday afternoon, and I’m sharing this to get other opinions on what happened in hopes that someone can find something we didn’t.

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Reader Submission: A Paranormal Life

shadow people

“First off, I would like to say that when I was a little kid, my mom, dad, mawmaw, and pawpaw all separately told me that I used to talk to people who weren’t there. And it was always the same little boy. I never changed people I talked to and I would apparently have very animated conversations with him. Throughout my childhood, I would hear voices and feel people touching my shoulders when no one was around. So in other words, I have had these experiences my whole life.

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