Reader Submission: The Land is Cursed

creepy forest

“This story took place much earlier than the previous one I told, so I was much younger.

I enlisted in the French Foreign Legion at the age of 19. Now, I cannot reveal much here, such as the country or the nature of our business there, but I will make it as understandable as possible. I was a young corporal at the time this happened, I was in the ‘2e Régiment étranger de parachutistes’ (2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment). Our unit was advancing through a landscape of mountains with dense forest and snow. Now, maybe we were delusional from the extremely cold conditions and our aching feet, but we all remember what we saw and experienced that night.

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Reader Submission: Murday’s Memory


“Murday. That’s the name that was written on the box. My dad and I were digging to make a new foundation in the yard, and that’s when I found it. Sitting there, not even two feet in the ground, was a small cardboard box with the name Murday written on one of the top flaps.

I didn’t want to tell my dad about the box for fear he might discard it, so I took it out of the ground and ran inside. Curiosity and excitement ran through my head. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

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