True Ghost Story: Voice in the Night

shadow person

“I had just moved into a new house with my family. All our furniture was set up, but most of the house was still in boxes. My husband and I had been up late getting as much done as we could before he had to work the next day. As a military wife, I’m used to being alone most of the time with my two sons (ages four and six at the time). Over the years, I’ve become really good at telling the difference between something freaky that’s not real and a random noise in the house and that is real. I don’t easily scare and can keep a logical, level head.

On that night though, as I tried to fall sleep, I heard a little boy’s voice right next to my ear say, clear as day, ‘Mommy, I’m cold.’

‘Okay, let’s get you back in bed,’ I said, getting out of bed and walking toward the door.

My husband sat up in bed and asked me what I was doing. I almost said, ‘Putting (son) to bed,’ when I looked around and saw that neither of my sons was in the room, and my bedroom door was still closed. I opened the door and peeked into my boys’ shared room. They were both sound asleep in bed.

I crawled back in bed and told my husband what I heard. He said I was probably dreaming, but it was one of those situations where I KNOW what happened, and I KNOW it was a real, audible voice. I’m a Christian and believe that all spirits go somewhere. They don’t hang around on Earth. But in the back of my head, I still think that some little kid just wanted a love and comfort from a mom.” – Reader Submission

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Reader Submission: The Haunted Train Station

“One day, my friends and I were down at a local park that was surrounded by woods. There was a small clearing where a fence guarded the railway tracks. Over the tracks, was a small building that we thought was a abandoned station; it was clearly not in use. All of the windows were shattered, and the roof was starting to cave in. However, we could see shapes moving inside. We eventually decided they were reflections, even though they moved differently.

The next summer we decided to get a look, so we crossed the quiet railway and headed toward the building. As soon as we came near, we got the feeling that someone was watching us. When we entered the building, we saw strange scratch marks on the walls. Then we suddenly heard a strange whisper followed by a massive bang as something fell over. We all ran away as fast as we could. There’s no telling what it was, and we’ll never know, because we’ve haven’t been near the building again and never plan to go back!”

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Reader Submission: Dolly Dearest

“I heard this story from a friend of mine. She got this doll from a yard sale a couple of years ago. At first, everything seemed fine. The doll didn’t move, or speak, or do anything. About a month later, she noticed the doll had moved. At first, it only moved a couple of inches. Then, slowly, it started showing up around the house. Things would disappear, and the family would find items by the doll.

One time, as my friend was doing her homework, she heard a door slam on the third floor. She was home alone and found the doll in the bathroom where the door had slammed shut. Things then took a violent turn. One morning, she woke up with three long scratches down her back.

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Reader Submission: Light in the Woods

“In the summer of 1999, a group of us went on an overnight rafting trip down the Guadalupe River in the Big Bend area of Texas. We started out in the morning and made camp on a sandbar before sunset. At this point, I estimate that we were probably around 50 to 100 miles from any town.

The river guides prepared dinner, we ate, and then a girl and I retreated to the river with our chairs. By this time, it was pitch black. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. We sat talking, and I faced my chair upstream and she was faced downstream.

As we talked, I noticed a light, very faint, traveling toward us from upstream. It got closer and closer and I could see that it was on the opposite side of the river. When it was directly across from us, I could see that it was about the size of a tennis ball, pale yellow-green, and about 25 feet in the air.

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