Ghost Photo of the Day: The Horse Thief

ghost photo shadow man

Built in the late 1700s, the Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, PA has a haunting reputation. The black figure above is reportedly standing where a horse thief was once hanged. Is that him lurking around the oblivious diners?

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Ladies of the Night: 5 Historic Haunted Brothels in the U.S.

haunted dumas brothel

Historic brothels, like theaters, always seem to have a resident ghost or two. Here are five former brothels haunted by the working women of days gone by.

The Dumas Brothel
Butte, MT

For 92 years, the women of The Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT (above) served the community’s hard-working miners and helped the business become America’s longest-running house of prostitution. Though the brothel closed its doors in 1982, the property’s current owners believe at least a few working women remain. Eerie events at the old brothel include falling mirrors, touches from unseen hands, and a shaking bed. The Haunted Collector team investigated The Dumas for an episode of the show and reportedly contacted the spirit of a former madam named Sarah.

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5 Haunted Zoos in the United States


Most people head to the zoo to check out the exotic wildlife, but some zoos offer the rarest creatures of all: ghosts! Here are five reportedly haunted zoos in the United States.

A Ghostly Lioness Continues to Stalk Her Prey – Cincinnati Zoo
Legend has it that visitors who stroll alone in isolated areas of the Cincinnati Zoo may find themselves stalked by a ghostly lioness. Guests hear the sound of heavy footsteps and low growls, but turn around to find nothing behind them. Glowing, green eyes also shine from wooded sections of the zoo.

Bumps and Boos – Philadelphia Zoo
Legend has it the Philadelphia Zoo is home to a number ghosts which make their presence known through flickering lights and full-bodied apparitions. Syfy’s Ghost Hunters investigated the zoo in 2010 and encountered strange thumps, bumps, and old-timey music.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Soldier at Sachs Bridge

ghost picture sach bridge gettysburg

During the Civil War, both Confederate and Union soldiers used Sachs Bridge during the Battle of Gettysburg. Not surprisingly, the bridge has a reputation for being haunted. This eerie pic, taken by a group of paranormal investigators in 2006, reportedly shows a ghostly soldier in the center of the bridge. The photo is so compelling that producers from Maury Povich and My Ghost Story both chose to feature it on their shows. What do you think?

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