Reader Submission: One Last Goodbye

creepy phone

“My husband passed away in June 2013. We had separated six months previously. On the day I was informed of his death, I was in my garden with a workman. I was shocked and extremely upset and was concerned about my children receiving the news.

The workman was asked to stay with me whilst someone went to collect my daughter from work. As I was crying, my phone started to ring. It was in my back pocket, and I was too upset to answer, but it would not stop ringing. I then thought it might be the police as they had found my husband’s body. However, my phone showed my husband as the caller, which upset me even more.

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Phone Calls from the Dead?


Phone calls from the dead are a common theme in books and film. However, can the dead truly use phones to reach the realm of the living? Here are three creepy tales that might make you think.

Train Crash Victim’s Cell Calls Loved Ones
On September 12, 2008, two trains collided in the Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, killing 25 people and injuring countless others. One of the victims was a man named Charles E. Peck who was traveling to L.A. to interview for a job.

During the first eleven hours after the crash, Peck’s fiancée and several of his family members received numerous calls from his cell phone. All in all, Charles’s loved ones – which included his son, brother, stepmother, and, sister – received a total of 35 calls. Each time family members answered a call, however, they heard only static, and calls to Peck’s phone went straight to voice mail. Naturally, the family hoped Charles was alive in the wreckage and reaching out for help.

Twelve hours after the accident, rescuers traced the signal from Peck’s phone and discovered his body in the lead passenger car, where most of the serious injuries and deaths occurred. Authorities reported that Peck’s body “showed no sign that he lived even for a short time after the crash” and that he couldn’t have possibly made the calls. Adding to the mystery, rescuers never found his phone.

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