Ghost Picture of the Day: Apparition at the Abandoned Sanatorium

apparition ghost picture

This photo from GhostStudy.com reportedly shows an apparition in an abandoned sanatorium. Check out the site for more info about the pic and building. Do you think they got something here?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Man on the Bench

picture of ghost on bench

The story behind this ghost picture from AngelsGhosts.com is that a woman got a lonely feeling while walking past this bench. She snapped a photo of the wooden seat, in the forest of Germany’s Schetcken Tahl, and the white mist is what appeared. The woman thinks the mist is in the shape a man. Do you?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: Dead Wife or Double Exposure?

The story behind this creepy pic is that the blurry woman in the photo is the man’s long-dead wife.¬† Some say the photo is a nothing more than a double exposure, while others aren’t so sure. What do you believe?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: Little Girl Lost

ghost old newgate prison

This photo taken at Connecticut’s Old Newgate Prison shows what appears to be a little girl staring out a second-story window. According to the original submitter, the window is part of the former guard building, and guests aren’t allowed on the top floor. So who, or what, is the girl? Perhaps she should meet up with the boy at Colorado’s Stanley Hotel.

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