Call for True Ghost Stories, Photos, Tips!

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One of my favorite things about operating this blog is reading people’s strange experiences and viewing their ghost photos. However, I don’t receive that many. Therefore, I’m asking (begging) readers to submit their true ghost stories and pictures!

Submitting your info is easy. If you have a story, simply share it using this form or email ghostsghoul@gmail.com. If you have a photo, email ghostsghoul@gmail.com. If you have a video, point me to the YouTube link. You can also reach me on Ghost and Ghoul’s various social media pages. Just click on one of the logos pictured in the top right part of the blog.

I’d also like to receive tips/stories about haunted locations around the world. Nearly every city or town has a paranormal legend. What’s yours?


Ghost Photo of the Day: The Servant Girl

ghost on camera

This alleged ghost photo recently appeared in the U.K.’s Grantham Journal. Urban explorer Louise Lewin snapped the pic at the 179-year-old Nocton Hall and believes the whitish figure on the right is a ghost.

“Everybody kept commenting on it so then I looked into the history of Nocton Hall and there was a story about a crying girl who haunted the building,” Lewin said. “She was a servant girl who was raped and murdered.”

Critics are far from impressed with the photo, noting the quality is so poor it may as well been taken with a calculator, not a camera. What do you think of the image?


Ghost Picture of the Day: Stairway to Heaven?

real ghost photo castle

A teen snapped this photo while attending a wedding at Scotland’s Tulloch Castle in 2008. According to an article in The Sun, the castle dates back to the 1200s and is reportedly haunted by a woman known as The Green Lady. Do you think this photo is the real deal?

See also: “The Woman on the Stairs

Send your ghost photos to ghostsghoul@gmail.com!


Creepy Photo: The Treasure Keeper

ghost photo romania

This photo from Romania’s Decebal hotel reportedly shows a ghostly woman at the top of the stairs. Legend has it that ancient Roman treasure is hidden somewhere in the 150-year-old building, and that this ghost helps keep it safe. Do you believe?

Send your ghost photo to ghostsghoul@gmail.com or submit your true ghost story here!