Reader Submission: Paranormal Police Call


“This happened in the early 1980s when I was an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

One week I noticed that several officers’ cars had Ghost Busters stickers stuck to the windows. I was confused and asked one of the guys what was with all the Ghost Buster stuff. He told me that a few officers had been on a call recently where the occupants had complained of paranormal activity. I wasn’t there, but my buddy said that when the officers arrived at the house, the residents were outside, terrified, while the sounds of banging doors and shattering glass came from inside the house. The officers thought an intruder was inside so they brought a canine, Red, to help clear the property.

Now, Red was the meanest damn dog you ever saw, but he absolutely refused to go inside the home. He growled and whined but would not set a paw inside. Eventually, the crashing and banging noises stopped and a few officers checked out the home. Everything inside was destroyed, but there was no one around. The residents claimed the sounds had suddenly started up when they were inside and had no idea what caused them.

That story always gave me the creeps. None of the guys ever really talked about what happened because they were afraid everyone would think they were crazy.”

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Reader Submission: The Shooter


“I had just started my second year as an Oregon state trooper. I was riding with another officer when dispatch came on and said there was a call of a man holding a gun to a woman’s head, so of course we got there as fast as we could.

When we arrived, we found a woman crying and repeating over and over, ‘He shot me. He shot me.’ I bent down to talk to her and said ‘He didn’t shoot you,’ but she wouldn’t listen. I asked if she had any family she could stay with, and she said no. She wouldn’t let us take her anywhere so we asked if she would be okay by herself. She said yes and we left.

At the end of our night shift, we went back to the station and told the dispatchers and other officers about the weird call. An officer looked up her name and went pale. He then hesitantly told us that a young woman by that name had been shot in the head by her husband about six years ago. Police never caught the shooter. We all went grim and tried to forget about what happened. We eventually did…until two years later.

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Reader Submission: The Officer’s Warning

police car snow

“I’m still a state cop in Oregon, but I’ve been promoted to K-9 handler. One day, I had just pulled over a man for speeding, but as I walked up to his window I instantly got a bad feeling about him. So, I went back to my squad car.

Right when I got in, I felt a breeze and heard my passenger door shut. I looked up and saw a female officer no older than myself sitting in the passenger seat. I hadn’t called for backup, and when I looked around I didn’t see another squad car. There’s no way she could have walked over or been in the guy’s car without me noticing.

My dog Sargent was snapping and barking and growling at the woman, and the hair on his back was standing up. ‘Hello,’ I said. ‘Can I help you?’ She said ‘He has a gun by his seat.’ I turned to make sure the man was still in his vehicle, and when I looked back the officer was gone.

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Cops Share True “On Duty” Ghost Stories

Nurses aren’t the only professionals with creepy on-the-job tales.  Check out these real ghost stories from Officer.com, a forum for law enforcement professionals.

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The Shadow Woman
“I related this before, but I as part of my Reserve training, I had to pull a 12-hour shift in Corrections. Our county facility is old, old, old… Anyway, it was med-call, so the nurse had opened the little clinic, and we went to each cellblock and had inmates line up to get their meds. After that was finished, the nurse left, the clinic was closed, and all of the inmates were back in their blocks. I secured the last block, and as I turned back towards the clinic, I saw the shadow on the floor of someone crossing back to the clinic. I dashed around the corner, thinking an inmate had managed to avoid being secured and was sneaking into the clinic. There was no one there. The shadow had been absolutely distinct. One of the other COs laughed and said, “Oh, that’s just Miss Rose. She’s been hanging around here for years!”

*Shudder* It creeped me out pretty good…”

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