Reader Submission: The Unseen Passenger

police car

“I had a call one day that really sticks with me. We had a frequent flier that we’d visited plenty of times for every complaint in the book. Well, one night we got called to her apartment after she complained of back pain.

On our arrival, she said that the pain had been going on for months, but that the ‘people in her room’ told her not to call. The thing is…she lived alone. She also said that they could see me, but that they didn’t like me because I was helping her.

I had my Captain look around the apartment to make sure there wasn’t anyone around and that the scene was safe. It was empty. Then, during the transport, she looked over into the empty seat next to her and said ‘Oh, that looks terrible. What happened to you? Well, I’m so sorry. I’m glad you aren’t in pain anymore.’ Then she turns to me and said, ‘He’s scary looking.’ She didn’t know that a few hours prior we had been called to a fatal and really gruesome car vs. semi-truck accident.

Come to find out, the woman had stage 4 brain cancer, and she passed away that night. To this day, I still wonder what she saw. Who was riding in the squad with me and my partner?”

This story pulled from the comments section of “Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories

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Reader Submission: Paranormal Police Call


“This happened in the early 1980s when I was an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

One week I noticed that several officers’ cars had Ghost Busters stickers stuck to the windows. I was confused and asked one of the guys what was with all the Ghost Buster stuff. He told me that a few officers had been on a call recently where the occupants had complained of paranormal activity. I wasn’t there, but my buddy said that when the officers arrived at the house, the residents were outside, terrified, while the sounds of banging doors and shattering glass came from inside the house. The officers thought an intruder was inside so they brought a canine, Red, to help clear the property.

Now, Red was the meanest damn dog you ever saw, but he absolutely refused to go inside the home. He growled and whined but would not set a paw inside. Eventually, the crashing and banging noises stopped and a few officers checked out the home. Everything inside was destroyed, but there was no one around. The residents claimed the sounds had suddenly started up when they were inside and had no idea what caused them.

That story always gave me the creeps. None of the guys ever really talked about what happened because they were afraid everyone would think they were crazy.”

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Cops Share True “On Duty” Ghost Stories: Part II

Given the success of last September’s “Cops Share True ‘On Duty’ Ghost Stories,” I thought I’d dredge up a few more creepy tales from Officer.com, a popular forum for law enforcement professionals. Enjoy!

The Haunted Church
“I used to work for a private police/security firm as a patrol supervisor. On one of my patrol routes, we had a huge church that was also a private day care and kindergarten. It was my responsibility to clear and secure the building every night between 3 and 4 a.m. due to recent instances of doors being found left open in the morning. In the early 1900’s, the building was a schoolhouse and supposedly a fire killed several children trapped inside. I didn’t know any of this prior to working for the company. Several extremely creepy things happened while at the church:

My first night there, I had just walked down the very long main classroom hallway to clear all of the rooms and when I turned around to walk back up the hallway there was a red balloon floating in the middle of the hall that was definitely not there prior.

In the old pastor’s office there was a lamp shaped like a lighthouse that sat on a table in a large window. When I would pull up to the church, the lamp would be the first thing I would see in the office window. It was always turned on. However, when I would go to check/lock the pastor’s office from the inside, the lamp would always be off. When I would get back into the car to leave, the light would be back on again.

I also had the usual phenomena of previously closed/locked doors being found open just seconds after closing and locking them. Another officer that filled in for me one evening quit the very next day because he reported that as he was checking the main chapel, the pipe organ started playing itself.”

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