Reader Submission: Ghosts Everywhere

ghost girl photo
“Many people believe that I am lying when I share this story, or and that I was too young to remember things. But they’re wrong.

The Good and the Bad

First, the the good…As a child, I could see ghosts. I was able to see my great grandma that died when I was six months old. I would talk to her all day long, and one day she was in the car with my grandma (her daughter). My great grandma wanted my grandma to know she was with her, so she asked me to tell her. My exact words were ‘Grandma, don’t be scared, but Grammy Pat is here.’ At that moment, both grandmas smiled ear to ear.

I could also see my uncle Billy (my dad’s brother). He had died at the age of 12 and loved to play tricks on my dad. My father worked nights so stayed with me during the day, and around lunch time every day my uncle Billy would open all the cabinets in the kitchen. The first time this happened, my dad came out with a very shocked look glued to his face. He asked if I had opened the cabinets, but I was only four and couldn’t reach them. After that first time the cabinets opened, I told my dad that it was his brother and he smiled every time it happened.

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